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  • LEDHoliday lights
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  • LEDHoliday lights led twinkle light
  • LEDHoliday lights
  • LEDHoliday lights
  • LEDHoliday lights
  • Electric lamp welding machine
    Linhai city run state lighting equipment co., LTD
    Linhai city embellish state lighting equipment co., LTD. Is a professional committed to the lighting industry automation equipment business,The company mainly producesLEDLed twinkle light welding machine、Electric lamp welding machine、Rainbow tube bulb filling machine、The rotary machine、Automatic wire stripping machine、Household appliances light、The resistance welding machine、Bubble toys、Perforation lamp、Fluctuations in the switch、The milk foam resistance welding machine、Touch the switch、Waterproof lamp glue machine、Article ice lamp machine and related products,At the same time to provide customized products and light string processing services。 The company introduces the advanced production equipment and perfect management system,Adhering to the“Creative professional design、Exquisite production technology、Excellent product quality” To make our products in the fierce market competition。The product has simple operation、Easy to maintenance、High cost performance, etc,Not only well received by domestic customers,At the same time are exported to Europe and the United States、Southeast Asia、Japan and Australia and other dozens of countries and regions。

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